Word on the Street

“Oscar Ortiz, Mexican mime, speaks the universal language of movement.”
Carlos Morton, Professor of Chicano Theater, UCSB

“When in the center of the stage space is a man so many men, and his helpless heart intertwines creative crafts to communicate, which is nothing to find the heart beat and feel it in public, when from the magical task of the minstrel is given the same, the storyteller and actor: surely we are in the presence of the Mexican Oscar Ortiz, his proven experience and show his love: “‘Let’s jester.’

And that’s the point: that with Oscar Ortiz all minstrels become creative and caring, full of imagination and beauty.”

Francisco Garzon Cespedes, Cuban Writer and Journalist

“Oscar Ortiz of the Double Double Performing Arts Group took all of the Mexican notions and sentiments surrounding our mortality and created a performance to express all of those things.”

Review of The Skulls of Posada by Mooney on Theatre